• How To Transfer To A New Server
If your current host has cpanel , log into your hosting account and Go to your Files section and select BackUP Wizard.

now do not do the Fullback up one, but select the " Partial Backup" ones

This feature allows you to select which partial backup you want to download.

* Home Directory
* MySQL Databases
* Email Forwarders & Filters

That way when you import them in your UM account they will work, also make note of what your username and passwords are from your old accounts and when you set them back up on the UM account you have to name them the same so that all is easy when you transfer them over.

Hope that makes sense to you, give it a try, I'm sure that you will be doing that more than just this time in your Internet marketing career. Its a good thing to learn.
There is a video series for this too. Look at September 2nd, 2008 pid Number 1104: topic How To Transfer To A New Server - Videos
That series covers:
*How to make a mirror image of your current server on your new server
* How to set up all your databases on your new server (the easy way)
* How to set up your scripts on your new server
* How to test before you set your domain name to point at your new server
* How to point the domain name after testing.

plus,its only a four part video series totaling just 33 minutes that takes you through the "How To"

Hope that helps.

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