• Create a log in page so people can register and log in for JVMHosted/JVM2
One way to do this is to send them to your account login page and have them select Not a member yet (http://jvmhosted.com/2/sXXXXXX), Or you could use a direct link to the signup page Log into your account and on the very first page look at your address bar it should read http://jvmhosted.com/2/sXXXXXX the numbers after the s is your user ID if you want them to go just to the signup page add this to the above /auth/register.html

Like this : http://jvmhosted.com/2/sXXXXXX/auth/register.html
Let me know if that works for you.

You can also Invite users : go to Users Invite and fill out those details.
  Last Updated: Sat 28 Feb 2009, 14:26pm