• I Can't Access/Login To UnselfishMarketer's Member Area...
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Both email and password are CAsESENsitiVE so
Abc.Def@domain.com is not the same as abc.def@domain.com
is not the same as
abcdef (wrong)

Accurate Copy & Paste works =
Password must be only 6 "dots" in the password box.
Don't leave any empty spaces anywhere

IF it won't budge then try to TYPE / KEY IN your password using your keyboard.
- Remember CAPS Lock (capital letters only) and only 6 "dots"

If you use FireFox (and have played around with the settings) a helpful UMer told me:

In firefox, under the tools- options, if you have your pages opened in a new tab- instead of a new window, you must enable:

When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately

or JVM1 will never let you in...
  Last Updated: Thu 1 Jan 2009, 4:03am