• How do I change to the cheaper 6mth / 12mth Subscription?
You can do this yourself :-)

It's advisable to wait until your current $47 is almost due to get the most days out of your current subscription.

Let's say your fee is due the 19th...

1) Login to PayPal or 2CheckOut & CANCEL your current subscription with us the 18th.

2) Visit http://unselfishmarketer.com/save and chose our 6mth or 12mth plan.

3) TIP: If you use the same email addy as we know already JVM1 will fill in your details on the next page.

4) Everything will stay the same - same password as you always use & your affiliate id# is also the same

For the observant Vault Member: Yes, we'll tag you with aff_id=33466 ... That is because we want to make darn sure your introducer gets credited. Every upgrade will be manually checked and moved to credit your introducer.

Warmest regards,

P.S. If you're on a different monthly plan then please open a ticket, thanks
  Last Updated: Thu 1 Jan 2009, 2:50am